What Are Supply Boxes In Black Survival And How To Choose Them?

Black Survival is not just making your survival till the end of the game, but what you choose and how you use those items or weapons play a great role in helping your battle.

Black Survival offers a wide range of items if chosen rightly and at the right time can work excellently in changing the entire game, giving more benefits to you. You can use a variety of items against your enemies so that you can do damage as much as possible.

Supply boxes are the items that help you to fight against your opponents strongly and can make your game easier.

The players get a chance to choose these items at the beginning of each game. These box items can easily be obtained from the inventory of a player inside the underground path. Additionally, the players can also receive various other items as well. The set of supply boxes in Black Survival is commonly available in green or white rarity, along with other exceptions.

Learn more about supply boxes, which are of three types…

Type A Supply box

This type of supply box gives you one random weapon item, thus helps you in using this weapon anywhere in the battle. Some of them are scissors, knife, razor, chain rod, hammer, stone axe, short rod, steel pipe, gemstone, iron ball, long rifle, wooden bow and many more.

What are supply boxes in black survival

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Type D Supply box

This type of supply box gives you one random armor item, thus helps you in using this armor anywhere in the battle, giving you one kind of handy weapon.

Some of them are cassock, glasses, boots, bracelet, binoculars, thimble, windbreaker, hairband, fire helmet and many more.


This type of Supply box gives you any kind of food or ingredient item. This on random food or ingredient item can be used to restore your health. Some of them are grilled eel, turtle soup, bandage, chocolate, orange, bird egg, potato, soju, whiskey, ice, feather, thick paper, coffee and many more.

The supply boxes can also be purchased using Gems, but you must not miss the supply boxes available when you start the game. When you move in the game and feel a need for supply boxes due to any reason, you can use your gems to get the required box.

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No doubt these supply boxes receiving at the beginning are not much beneficial or we can say do not have a significant advantage, but they have the potential to give a starting benefit to the players who receive and use them.

So, when you get these boxes, simply get them and use them as the starting path to your gameplay.

Now, when you are familiar with different supply boxes, make sure to start your game with these useful items.