Black Survival Characters And Their Abilities – The GamePlay!

If you are a regular player of Black Survival, you might be familiar with most of the characters in Black Survival. But for new players, it is somewhat difficult to understand the characters so that they can choose the best.

Here, you will learn about a few Black Survival characters and their abilities that will help you a lot in playing a smart game.

If you have not already got Black Survival on your PC or Mac, here is how to get it!


The full name of this character is Adla Gro who is a world chess champion. She does not believe in defeating, so always win all the matches by keeping herself one step ahead. Though she is a little slow, when starts a game, she put her entire focus on it and give out her best.

She is known for her precise decision with a well-planned strategy and works great in promoting your weapon into the same type of higher quality weapon randomly

Black survival characters and their abilities in gameplay


The dream of becoming an engineer was never fulfilled and she ended up attending medical school. But, after the death of her parents, she puts all her attention and efforts on creating a robot for 15 years, which was left unfinished due to the lack of funds. Even a little praise makes her happy and contented.

The main ability is Turret drone which very much resemble to any gun and can be sent to a nearby area for attack. It gives damage to the enemy, which is similar to the gun’s attack damage.


Daniel is quite experienced with scissors and is well-known due to his hairstyling skills. Without asking anything about hairstyle from customers, he gives them a hairstyle service as per the customer’s personality, but his skills always make customers’ happy and satisfied.

Solitude and Scapegoat are his abilities, where the effect of his solitude activates at night bringing out the damage attack on the enemies and this attack on them is high.

Black survival characters and their abilities in gameplay


Jenny always wanted to become a Superstar and was very confident about it, but unfortunately, she didn’t get what she was expected and end up living as a B grade actresses. The actual character of Jenny is loose and sentimental.

In case of fatal damage, it can be revived with ‘Play dead’ ability and she skills any enemy, the cooldown is reset. She revenges by imposing more skill damage which is equivalent to nearly 12% of the missing health of the enemy and can also recover HP to a certain percentage to the skill damage amount.


Rosalio has played a minor baseball league about three years ago and made a huge amount of money from match-fixing, but unfortunately, he was caught and expelled from the baseball team. For everything that happens in his life, he blames his brother.

The two abilities of Rosalia are Home run and Clutch hitter. Her hit has powerful damage, which is the higher among other characters’ damage. The attack is performed with Crit Chance and is increased by 50% of the missing health.


Due to an incurable disease, she is always in extreme pain and tried for suicide several times. She is not much social and spends time in hospital by drawing faces and giving them a name.

The attack damage is a pain stack which expires after 40 seconds. After channeling for 3 seconds, she exposes pain stacks on every player.

Now, as you know all the characters now, get the Black Survival on your PC now!