Free Online Classes Are For Everybody

A good education doesn’t have to come at a enormous cost. There are many people who stay away from free online classes because their reasoning is that the teaching will be inferior to courses you pay for in traditional institutions. Actually, this is not the case. There are free online courses in almost every area of study, created by people who love the field and know it well. No matter what you want to learn, there is probably a free online class for you.

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Typically, the requirements for being admitted to an online college are less than traditional college programs. Prospective students will have to provide a high school diploma or equivalent degree, be at least 18 years of age. Online degree programs are available to students who do not have the income to attend a traditional college or who do not have the time to do my online class sit in classes. A lot of times people have jobs, families, etc. and this would be a good option for those individuals.

An excellent place to go for free online courses is the MIT website. A few years ago, MIT decided to do something that is extremely noble. They decided that they were going to put all of their class material online. This means that you can take any MIT class you want on the Internet. You can download the lectures, read the textbook, and even do the homework assignments. The only thing you can’t get for free is the diploma and the teacher feedback. Everything else is right there for you on the Internet.

Also, not only can you get some of the online classes for free, but some of these courses let you take your classroom with you, so you can get an education while you’re sitting in traffic or just hanging out in the park. You can go to iTune and download podcasts from major universities, such as MIT, Duke, Standford, UC Berkeley.

Free online classes are an excellent option for you to check out an area of study. Why take an online college course that you have to pay for when you aren’t sure if you want to do something? Especially in today’s economic crisis where people are really trying to cut back on spending this would be an excellent option. The great thing about free online classes is you can put as much or as little effort as you want into them, and it doesn’t matter. You are not paying for them, and no one is judging you.

In addition, Free online classes are a great way to check out prospective future career fields. If you like what you are doing, you can always switch to an online college course, online GED program, or whatever else you might want. For people who have no idea what they want to do, there is no better way to start to investigate the possibilities. Who knows – you might find something that defies your wildest expectations.

Many online colleges are accredited and allow students to apply credits earned at other colleges toward their degree. When applying for an online college program, the student will have to fill out paperwork and provide the college with transcripts as proof that some classes were taken. Many online colleges will also allow students to use prior work experience and turn them into credits toward graduation. The student may need to take an aptitude test in order to gauge how much the he/she learned while on the job.

Another popular way to get free classes is to audit a course. If you’re having thoughts about going back to college, this is a good way to try it out. Basically, auditing allows you to sit in on a class without paying for it. Since you aren’t formally enrolled, you don’t get any credit for it, but also there is no cost to you. All you have to do is get permission from the instructor. Most professors won’t hesitate to say yes. Like free online classes, auditing is a great way to see if you want to take a more serious college course.

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