Google AdSense Accounts Being Banned, What to Do?

Google AdSense has been a very good source of income for a multitude of webmasters for the last 4 years buy verified adwords account. It allows anyone to host content on a website and benefit financially by allowing them to publish targeted ads on their site in a variety of styles, sizes, and fashions.

But, what if you relied on AdSense to pay your server bills in order for you to continue blogging, or publishing content on your page, then suddenly, one day out of nowhere, Google canceled your AdSense account without warning? Now, you are left with a site that you spent hundreds of hours working on, and no way to at least make some money back to pay for your overhead costs.

This has been happening quite a bit to webmasters including myself. Google can cancel your account for a variety of reasons, and does so, all the time to webmasters who are not at fault. Although their policy states that clicking your own ads, or participating in defrauding their advertisers via click fraud will get you banned, they also have other reasons for banning webmasters accounts from the program.

This includes banning accounts which get a lot of fraudulent clicks from outside parties. What this means is that any competitor can possibly get you banned from AdSense by clicking on your ads several times per day. I had this happen to me. I was bringing in a huge amount of revenue, an amount that I will just say could probably buy a new car every month or two, then suddenly, nothing.

Google will not let you back in, and very rarely respond to support requests with anything but a form letter. If this happened to you, I recommend appealing the action, but at the same time, start looking for a replacement. Yahoo’s Publishing system is an alright alternative, so is Kontera, and Adbrite. They will likely not target your site as well as Google did, but you will earn some money to replace at least a portion of your lost income from Google. Depending on what subject your site is around, you may be able to make up for the lost revenue completely.

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