Apprenticeship Of An Electrician

Just because you have an electrician tool set does not necessarily mean you are qualified to do some electrical jobs and repairs. Most electricians become better in their trade by means of apprenticeship programs that involves on-the-job training with related classroom instruction Gerber MP400 VS MP600 . An electrician must complete the apprenticeship programs for him to be able to do construction, repair and maintenance work.

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More or less, the apprenticeship program lasts for about 4 years. It may seem long but it is actually not. You may feel that four years is just not enough even though a year comprises of at least 144 hours of classroom discussion and 2,000 hours of practical or hands on experience. When it comes to classroom discussions, you are taught on various electrical theories, calculations, electrical code requirements, blueprint reading and safety precautions. You may even undergo trainings in communications, maintenance, fire alarm systems and soldering.

On your OJT, you are working under the supervision of experienced electrical experts. In the beginning, you are tasked to drill holes, setup anchors and attach conduits. Later on, you are given the privilege to fabricate conduits and install them. What is more is that you are taught on how to set up and make your own electrical diagrams for your electrical systems. With the apprenticeship that you have, you will be able to master all of the electrical expert’s tasks.

The study in theories, procedures and such are usually done before your OJT. To be able to get into an apprenticeship, you must have a high school diploma or a general equivalency diploma. You should also undergo several mathematical classes because calculations and mathematical problems greatly matter on this kind of job. In an electrician’s career, education and learning continues on and on. It’s just similar to the electrician tool set; it must be upgraded to be more advanced.

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