Zija Leads – Where To Get The Best Free Leads For A Zija Business

Zija is a network marketing company that was founded by Ken Brailsford in 2006. It sells natural 辣木油功效 and environmentally friendly health and wellness products, and is based around a tree called Moringa, that Zija believe to be a ‘miracle tree’.

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Zija products are not available in the shops or from a dedicated website, they are instead sold by a network of distributors who can grow their own business based on the commissions and bonuses that they earn by selling the products to others. The health and wellness industry is worth millions which means that the opportunity to make some serious money does exist, however it is a very over-crowded market place with literally hundreds of other products and companies out there all competing for a slice of the pie.

How NOT To Get Leads

This means that if you want to be successful with Zija you are going to have to make yourself stand out from the norm. Selling to friends and family only might get you a few sales but it is not going to turn you into a top Zija rep taking home a fortune every month. Handing out flyers and business cards, cold-calling, making CDs and DVDs, giving presentations and holding meetings – none of these techniques will work either, because this is what every single other network marketer is doing. If you want to make the serious bucks you need to start thinking outside the box and making your opportunity unique.

The key to fast success with Zija is learning the art and science of internet marketing. By going online you can set yourself up as an nutritional expert by posting on forums, blogging, writing articles, commenting on other people’s articles, answering questions, and advertising cheaply or for free in the right places. People will value your advice and start to trust you, and this will make them keen to invest in you and your business. Every single day people from all over the world will be contacting you, asking you about how your products can help them, and desperate to invest in you.

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