News Writing And Feature Articles – 5 Ways They Differ

News writing and features are different styles of writing that you find in any publication around the world, whether they are newspapers, magazines or websites are many distinctions between the two sets of writing genres because they perform different functions.

The factors that determined whether an article is fit for news or features include: time, writing style, the writer, location and length. There are other differences but these are the main ones.When you learn how to write like a journalist, you would come across both types of writing styles. All journalists are expected to be competent at news writing and crafting features, though some do specialize, as we shall see later.

Time news articles are time-dependent and must therefore be released as soon as possible after an event, speech, occurrence, interview or incident that has news value. Features, however, are more refined articles and are written to betimeless. For instance, if a runner breaks the 100 meters world record, the news should be sent out within minutes, if not seconds, after his achievement. One or two days later, it would no longer be news. However, a profile of the runner

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