Combine Your Blogging and Social Network Efforts For More Online Business Exposure

If you have an online income business and are keen to get more targeted traffic to your website then don’t miss out on one of the best methods out there for achieving this objective. If you are not blogging then you this is something that you really need to be doing to get visitors to your website.

There is, however, more to think about than just setting up a blog and making regular posts to it . To really be successful it is important to also use social networking sites to make people aware of your blog posts.

I am sure that by this stage you are well aware of the popularity of social networking sites and one of the main reasons that you should be using them as a part of your online business is that many people utilize these sites regularly as their main source of gossip and news.

There are many social sites such as Digg or Stumbleupon where you can submit your blog posts and there are literally millions of people who spend time visiting to keep up on news and sharing content who will be able to read and vote on the content you are producing. If people enjoy what they read and if an article is popular enough it will get to the top pages in these various social sites and will be seen by millions of people.

The good thing is that even if your blog post does not get any votes you will still be getting the benefit of adding more one way links to your blog from each social networking site that you post to, so this really is a win-win situation for you. Submitting your posts to these social networking sites is really simple to do as more often than not it is just a matter of clicking a button.

A further benefit that you will gain from regularly blogging and submitting your posts to these social sites is that you will become better known online which will help to brand you as an expert and you will probably find your online income website being listed well by the search engines.

Just a word of caution though, don’t try to take on too much when it comes to social networking. If you try to submit your posts to too many social networking websites you will become totally overwhelmed by the vast number of sites that are available online.

Have you ever experienced a time when you were just plain fresh out of ideas to write your next blog post or article about? I just recently went through a similar period. Nothing came to mind; I would just sit there and think of things but no real idea for a successful blog post.

I was surfing around doing my usual syndicating for my group of partners and I was sidetracked…lol… we all know how easy that can happen. Something unusual happened this time. I was reading comments from people and then it hit me like a ball of light. Find out what people are asking for and write about that. The first idea that came to mind was to provide the solution of not knowing how to create an avatar so people can see a picture of YOU and not some funny looking cartoon character. We are beautiful people and our picture should be shown. Stay tuned for that video.

Providing solutions for people’s needs is a great way to grow your presence online. Once people see you providing solutions to their needs, they will follow you for future ‘know how’. Imagine you post a new blog entry one day that is providing solutions for comments you read from other blogs and you start to see the ReTweet and Facebook shares increase drastically in number on your solution blog post. How would that feel? It would feel great to me, so that is what I am going to do from here on out.

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