Disney Princess and Me Dolls – A Review

Little girls now have a wonderful opportunity to play with their favorite and most-loved Disney heroes. The Disney Consumer Products and the JAKKS Inc. have brought into the market the beautiful looking collectible dolls that are designed to look like the Disney Princess ラブドール . These adorable and lovely dolls are now available on the internet and at Toys “R” Us stores. These pretty princess dolls are actually meant for little girls of 5-8 years, but even adults cannot seem to resist the charm and beauty of these dolls.

The Disney Princess and Me doll collection consists of the six most famous princesses, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Tiana, Belle, and Rapunzel. These collectable dolls have a few unique and charming features that include silky long hair, glass-like eyes, and a stylish appearance. These dolls have an innocent childish look on their faces and this feature makes them more attractive and alluring.

The Disney Princess and Me dolls have four moving parts, waist, hips, shoulder, and neck that allow girls to shift the doll into different poses. Moreover, all these dolls are of 18 inches in height, taller than most of other dolls in the market.

Each Disney Princess and Me doll has two studded earrings, a wonderful tiara, a stunning detailed satin ball gown, and two satin slippers. The doll sets also contain a princess magazine, a princess pledge card, and an invitation. The princess magazine includes princess questions, regal ideas, fun activities, and colorful photographs. It gives tips to girls on how to smile, do hairstyle, and live like a princess. The magazine also provides slumber party and tea party instructions to girls. The invitation is to join the royal family in order to get a birthday card from their beloved Princess.

The Disney Princess and Me doll fashions are also available that include Ballet Recital collection, Royal Sleepwear Ensemble, and the Royal Vanity Collection. The Ballet Recital collection consists of a beautiful tutu dress, headband, and ballet slippers. The Royal Sleepwear Ensemble comprises a soft robe, a silky nightgown, slippers with pink stain bows, and a hanger. The Royal Vanity collection includes a plastic mirror, brush, comb and a perfume bottle. Girls can use these collections to dress up their lovely Disney Princess.

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