Conflict Management – The Use of Terms of Reference for Effective Project Management

Conflicts are involved in every project. Stakeholders can be part of those conflicts PMP certification . It is the duty of the project manager to take them into confidence that conflicts have been recognized, clarified and will managed in good way.

In a way that best appropriate solution of conflict will be provided by keeping politics aside. It is not an easy job for manager and may not be able to resolve the conflict individually but it is essential to make sure that conflicts are recognized and will be handled properly.

It is a time when action is required by the project sponsor and their actual value and responsibilities are needed. Methods for resolving the conflict should be devised after consulting the project sponsors and other senior members in the business.

Project manager & team should be clear about terms of reference. It is a common happening that there exist significant differences in the answers given by the person involved in the business when they are asked about ToR.

So, it is very important that they all especially key personnel must have complete understanding of ToR. It should be specific related to your project by providing clear & meaningful terms. It is very often that new managers take time in developing complete understanding of their responsibilities; this type of attitude can give birth to serious problems

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