How to Celebrate October 12 in Spanish-Speaking Countries

If there is one thing that the people of the Spanish Culture are known for it is their love of celebrations. If you look at all the Spanish-speaking countries you will find out that there is a large celebration almost every month in some or all the of the Spanish-speaking countries. One of Kelly Stables the biggest celebrations in the Spanish culture is October 12. The size of the October 12 celebration and reason for celebrating varies depending on the Spanish-speaking country you are in. Spain has earmarked the day of October 12 to celebrate Da de la Hispanidad or Da Nacional de Espana. Da de la Hispanidad is a day for all Spaniards to celebrate their connection with each other. This day is also known as the National Day of Spain. In Spanish it is known as Da Nacional de Espana. Da Nacional de Espana is celebrated in Madrid with a parade and fireworks.

Although Spain has its own reason for celebrating October 12, the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the new world is probably the best known reason for celebrating October 12. In the United States we know this day as el Da de Coln or Columbus Day. Many other Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas celebrate October 12 as Da de la Raza. This is a day when the indigenous communities in many Spanish-speaking countries come together and celebrates their heritage. In Costa Rica they actually call it Da de las Culturas.

As you are probably starting to figure out, the meaning of El 12 de Octubre and how it is celebrated greatly depends on which Spanish-speaking country that you are in. Each country has its own traditions and customs surrounding this celebration while some Spanish-speaking countries do not really celebrate it at all.

With El 12 de Octubre quickly approaching you can choose one of the reasons to join in the celebration yourself or you could simply decide to celebrate October 12 for all the reasons lifted here. The main thing to remember is whatever you do have fun!

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