Sex is Not Love, Jenna Jameson

As a minister I have always said, “Sex is not love.” Upon flipping through the channels last night to look for something to watch, I noticed an interview with a former famous porn star on the Entertainment Network (E). It was a biography of Jenna Jameson, who I know little about Shibuya Kaho .

Some things this 29 year old porn star said however were quite revealing. Jenna told of her upbringing and how losing her mother as a child was very difficult for her. It was the lack of a mother figure that drew her to her roommate living situation with another female porn star who she would later recognize as her mother figure and apparently do lesbian films with.

Jenna told E that she yearned for attention growing up as she was desperately lonely. As she reached puberty and developed her shapely figure, it was than that she got involved with her first boyfriend. He introduced her to drugs, an addiction that intensified for Jenna over time. At a very low point in her young life, while living on her own, Jenna began disintegrating through drug use and lost so much weight she was down to a frail 80 pounds. Her father couldn’t believe it when he saw his daughter at the airport. She was so weak she had to be wheeled through the airport in a wheelchair.

Surprisingly Jenna’s elder brother reluctantly approved of her stripping when he saw her win $500 from her first wet t-shirt contest. In so doing he seemingly allowed her to sell her soul.

The mature 29 year-old Jenna told E that though she was outwardly young and beautiful inwardly she felt as if she was 60 years-old. It was a very revealing expose of the porn industry indeed. Lonely women looking for love often give sex in exchange for attention. This is nothing new. However to hear such a successful woman in the industry go public and say it as it is was very refreshing. I hope many young ladies across the nation will listen and take heart.

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