Why Am I Fat? Are Tapeworms a Safe Solution?

When I was a young kid, maybe fourteen, I saw a story on television where this guy was a world traveler. He was concerned about getting Montezuma’s revenge when traveling in Central and South America so he took a tapeworm. He did this intentionally as a means to fight off getting sick. Well, according to the story, it worked. He traveled all over for as long as he wanted and never got sick because of this worm he ingested. When he was done traveling, he did whatever people do to get rid of a tape worm and went on his way, safe and sound.

Perfect, I thought, if I’m ever in that situation I’ll just go ahead and do the same thing and I’ll be safe What Does Gamey Taste Like . Good thing I was watching and learned about that. Besides, everybody knows that if it’s on TV, it has to be true, right?

The fact of the matter is that right now, you can go to websites on the Internet and using the magic of online payment processing, pony up over a thousand dollars and have these little parasites shipped to your door for consumption for the purposes of weight loss. A person would eat the larva and become infected in their intestinal track. Once inside the digestive tract, a tapeworm begins to grow and can get very large and quit long.

Tapeworms are also known to lay more eggs once inside humans and the eggs can hatch and move through internal body tissue and end up in the lungs, eyes, and brains, just to name a few locations. Cysticercosis  is a disease where humans have tapeworms that have developed in their bodies.

The most common tapeworms found in humans are the beef tapeworm, pork tapeworm, fish tapeworm and the dwarf tapeworm. Infections of the beef and pork tapeworms are also called taeniasis.

When it comes to fishing for rainbow trout there are many factors that come together which enable you to experience success on the water, and one of the most important is the type of bait that you choose to utilize. I have been successfully fishing for this beautiful species of fish for more than a quarter of a century and in that time have learned what types of bait rainbows like to eat.

Below I will outline some good rainbow trout baits, so that you can make sure that you have these baits available to you the next time that you try to catch some rainbow trout. Are these baits the only ones that can be used when fishing for rainbow trout? Of course not, but they are all readily available, good, and effective rainbow trout baits that need to be a part of your fishing arsenal.

Anytime that you talk about baits that can be used to catch rainbow trout, you have to mention Powerbait. Although some trout fishing purists, make mock the use of Powerbait, it nonetheless has to be mentioned as a good rainbow trout bait (especially if the rainbows that you are fishing for have been stocked which is very common). Powerbait fished on a basic bottom rig, so that the bait itself is floating off of the bottom of a lake or pond, is a difficult tactic to beat anytime that you are fishing for stocked trout.

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