Become a Domain Reseller

Becoming a domain registration reseller is one of the easiest things I’ve done on the web and when you think about the potential you have at your finger tips (within a few hours no less), there is great value in becoming a domain reseller.  My experience comes through buying from Godaddy/WildWest domains and I highly recommend using their platform as it is cheap, easy to set up, and comes with their own 24 hour customer service.  In essence, for $200 you are given the keys to the car and can begin selling domains right away.

There are some drawbacks to becoming a reseller through Godaddy you should know about GoDaddy email login .  First, your own page optimization is limited unless you decide to completely customize your storefront.  This isn’t that big of a deal as backlinks are the biggest part of your success, but still noteworthy.

Another difficulty I have come across is the site analytics.  So far the only referrals I’m seeing are from within the site itself which I know isn’t true.  In short, it is a far cry from Google Analytics and is the most disappointing aspect. 

Despite these two factors, I’m very pleased at the value I’m presented with. 

Now becoming a domain reseller isn’t for everyone.  If you are going to buy the package simply to save on domains at cost, you shouldn’t because you can usually beat the minimum reseller price on .coms ($7.29 with the pro package) by hunting down the latest promo codes.  However, if you are constantly referring clients to domain registrars and outside web hosting, I highly recommend selling your own web services.

This is for anyone interested in making money by starting their own WebSite or Blog. There are many Website’s out there that will only give out this information if you pay for it. Prices range from $25.00 to over $1000.00. I’m giving the information out for free. This is a Step by Step Process that if you are able to follow directions then the end result will be that you will have either a PROFITABLE WebSite or a PROFITABLE Blog. All of this information comes from my actual experiences and from gathering information from legitimate sources on the internet.

I started my own Website by going through It is called Website Tonight and you design it yourself. The cost will run you around $15.00 a month which includes hosting. If you want to start a Blog I went through which is free for unlimited Blogs. If you want to search the internet you can find websites which offer free websites but you have limited space. If you want to add more space(pages) and hosting you’ll end up paying more than if you went through GoDaddy.

You should secure your own Domain .com name and right now is offering .com Domain’s for $9.99. Once you’ve done this you’re on your way but there is still a lot left to do to get this up and running the right way. Anyone can have their own website or blog but getting people to view them is a whole new monster.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is something you’re going to have to learn if you want a money making website or blog. Getting indexed by Google is the most important move you have to make. First, you need to write a 300 word article about something related to your website or blog. Then submit the article to or and make sure when you fill out the information about the author you link back to your site.

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