An Outline of Tissot Watches

Like other reputed Swiss luxury watch companies, Tissot also gives emphasis on the changes. Their meticulously crafted watches are helping them to gain the trust of worldwide watch lovers. In addition to it, they also focus on the beautification of their models, so that they can draw the attention of the wearers.

  • Design

If you closely follow the design of Tissot watches, then a matter becomes clear that they always give importance to the trending ones. It is natural, that the taste of watch users can change any time. So, the company has been adding many tested methods to improve the structures of their watches.

A user will be happy to know that the brand does not continue with the similar looking timepieces for a long period. In 1953, when they commemorated their 100th birthday, they introduced a “single caliber” process. Not only that, they also eased the movements, the result of which they got tremendous success.

  • Achievements

There are many significant feats gained by Tissot, for which they became one of the best selling luxury watch brands from Switzerland. They were the earliest to make anti-magnetic watch in the world during the First World War. They also made their own movements, enabling them to manufacture high-quality watches with a reasonable price-tag.

  • Style

Elegance is one of the main reasons that make a luxury watch appealing among the wearers. For the women watch users, they introduced varying collections of models that can suit the wearers any time. Concentrating on every detail, they were successful in bringing out something that a beautiful and enchanting lady would love to wear on her wrist.

For the male patrons, they launched the Tissot Navigator in 1951. It ended up in giving clouds of acknowledgements and appraisals from the aficionados and enthusiasts.

Models with leather straps were made to suit the physical works, while the exquisitely stylish bracelets were crafted for the professional users.

  • Breaking the trend

Tissot introduced timepieces for the young generation users, with which they broke the usual path. These watches were opulent and authentic. The example of their innovation is evident through their use of materials like fiberglass. It made the timepieces more glamorous and interesting.

Technically also, they started to make watches with Astrolon movement.

Some accurate and technologically sound Tissot watches are presented so that you can get a glimpse of the brand’s uniqueness in watch manufacturing.

  • Tissot Touch Collection Moto GP T048.417.27.207.01-Colourful and sharp:

The perfect combination of colours and use of high-end substances enable this model to become one of the inspiring time-telling devices for the professional race drivers. You can understand from the name of this watch that it has been specifically created for the adventure sports personalities.

With sharp features like chronograph measuring the speed of elapsed time, this fantastic piece from the Tissot Touch Collection Moto GP line has the gut to save you from any kind of difficulty while on the track. Use of silicon makes the strap of this wrist watch durable as well as comfortable. The usual steel substance has been treated to make the case of this watch sturdy on any situation.

The multihued strap looks engaging on your wrist and also heightens your mood. This is a men’s model, so it showcases the bold attitude of a racer. Luminous casio protrek australia hands and reddish markers give a delightful treat to you. The tachymeter-like bezel can be rotated by the user to mark the elapsed time. In addition to it, the enriched dial is enough to make this piece a marvelous one.

The mineral crystal glass covers the dial and also guards this piece from scratches and shatters. Date window is there at the 3 o’clock position. The compact getup of this watch is always ready to blaze your passion.

  • Tissot T Classic T063. back to the basics:

Reminding you of a vintage wrist watch, this gaudy piece from the T Classic collection of the brand stops your heartbeat. It’s sizzling appearance is reminiscent of a bright lady watch user. She must be mesmerized by wearing this decorative time-teller on a grand occasion.

This watch holds the brand’s unmatched with it. The 33mm case is made of steel making it a vigorous and enduring one. Rounded silver shaded and stainless steel made bezel matches with the other parts of this model. The uniquely made bracelet of this watch gives you the answer why this watch is different.

The absence of extravaganza keeps this model suitable to the watch users having varying taste. Matte black finished dial comprises of a date counter at the 3 o’clock position. It exhibits the current date. Sapphire crystal glass not only gives a clear view of watch movements, but also protects it from scratches. The important water resistance function keeps this piece away from any kind of water related

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