Blogging on RSS Feeds

A news/web feed is a data format that’s used to provide users with content updated frequently. Users are allowed to subscribe to it thanks to content distributors who syndicate the web feed. An important blog feature is the capability to show other blog’s new entries automatically. Blogging on RSS feeds can be as easy as pie.

For example, on Google Blogger, after you select “Layout” and click on “Add a Page Element”, a list of elements that you can add on your blog will appear. Under the “Feed” element select “Add to Blog” and a dialog box (“Configure Feed”) will open Sherry Dyson . Here you can paste the RSS link URL from the external blog in the “Feed URL” box and click on “Continue”. From here on you can select how and where do you want the feed to be displayed. It’s as simple as that!

Blogging on RSS feed can get you more traffic as users will simply visit just your blog to see what’s new not only on yours but on others as well.

You can also use lists of RSS directories. One of the key advantages of this kind of lists of RSS directories and blog submission sites is that it offers all submission links directly and you don’t have to lose time to explore the directory and search for the submission page by yourself.

Since a number of sites make it hard to find the submission page to discourage spam and automated RSS submissions, this ease of submission is just by itself a considerable effort. Also, to avoid any problems, you should use only English based global directories, without any geographical/regional limitations, superficial or not up to date (shouldn’t include sites that are no longer working or unreliable), which do not contain any service that doesn’t seem 100% trustworthy or reliable.

Is your blog as forgettable as most of the blogs out there? Everyone needs to strive for a great blog, one that stands out from the crowd. Most of the memorable blogs have a unique brand, the one and only You that is supposed to leap out of the page and grab the readers attention!

These days everyone has a blog. Some are family oriented and keep distant family members in touch with each other but we’re not talking about those. We’re talking about the blogs that are boring or are just like most of the other blogs in the overcrowded blog world. Develop a brand that attracts like bears to honey and starts an unstoppable feeding frenzy that goes viral.

Climb on board your writing machine, fasten your seat belt and launch You like no one else does. Be unique with your own writing style and your own over-the-top opinions, look and creativity. Create a new vocab that is uniquely you. Come up with strange news events or make up funny stories. Excite your readers!

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